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Association of Administrative Professionals NZ Inc

The Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Incorporated – Te Kawarangi (AdmiNZ Inc.) is a voluntary national association administered by its members, for its members.

AdmiNZ is a not-for-profit, voluntary national association governed by a Board of six members and two non-members.

Many people are making a career in administrative roles and the breadth of demands and skills required of these people is increasingly acknowledged by the public and employers.

With our rapidly changing office environment, it is even more important these days to upskill and stay in touch with your profession through its professional organisation. Whether working in a corporate environment, small or medium size business or an established home based office, many office professionals can feel isolated from others in similar roles. Our membership includes recent newcomers to the profession through to experienced administrative professionals; mainly female but there is a growing trend for male administrators.

There are hundreds of different titles for those who work in administrative-based roles and these include executive assistants, personal assistants, administration managers, co-ordinators, receptionists, call centre operators, accounts staff, school secretaries, industry trainers, etc - anyone involved either full- or part-time in administrative roles, in any industry.

As an employer, providing membership of AdmiNZ to your staff is a commitment to a professional organisation and a perfect means of giving recognition. This is a supportive local and national network which will give administrative professionals opportunities for career development and personal growth.

AdmiNZ is the only administrative organisation in New Zealand offering an accreditation or registration pathway through its Certification process.  Certification provides an umbrella over three areas that need to be achieved to show the skills required by the administrative professional.  This makes it an invaluable benchmark for those in the role, and for employers.

Administrators from all types of businesses in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and even other parts of the world, join the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Incorporated (AdmiNZ) for opportunities to learn and grow in their role, develop contacts and get a better understanding of how important their role is to any business.

AdmiNZ has a supportive local and national network who give administrative professionals opportunities for personal and professional growth, career upskilling and development. 

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