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Association of Administrative Professionals NZ Inc


After three years of consultation and agreement Te Kawarangi was made a part of the official name at the 2006 AGM in Palmerston North. ‘Kawarangi’ is a term given to a form of plaiting used in ornamental borders of cloaks. Metaphorically, it relates to our key function as administrators; in our ability to co-ordinate and manage a broad range of activities that enhances the overall role of the organisations we work for.

A Māori name, in addition to our formal title, was considered by AAPNZ members to add a distinctive cultural dimension and value to our name, complementing the beautiful logo which was designed in 1999 and trademarked in 2001.

As a membership organisation we are always looking to increase our membership and be inclusive. Having a te reo name and supporting this unique aspect of New Zealand culture, Māori customs such as karakia (prayer), mihi (greeting) and waiata (song) are embraced by our association.

We also acknowledge that:

  • Under the Māori Language Act 1987, Māori became an official language of New Zealand;
  • The use of Māori Language defines who we are as a nation, and internationally gives us a unique global identity;
  • Many other organisations, government bodies and associations throughout New Zealand have bilingual signage.

Te Kawarangi is a name that members of AAPNZ are able to pronounce, write and interpret easily; and that in placing value on this name, it symbolises the significant contribution of our members.

As our membership grows and develops, the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc.- Te Kawarangi will endeavour to strengthen the ties of those members.

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