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Association of Administrative Professionals NZ Inc

50th Annual General Meeting 2023

    Our vision is to grow, develop, and connect with the administrative community.

    Our mission is to create opportunities to expand networks, share experiences, and celebrate successes while having FUN.

    We understand that there is value in a name that people trust, and our name literally tells you the values we bring to your development:

    A Adaptable Be flexible in the changing world around you.
    D Diverse Embrace the community you live and work in.
    M Motivation We encourage you to be the best you can be.
    I Innovation Embody new ways of working.
    N Nurture Develop and nourish ourselves, others, and the environment.
    Z Zest  Find the fun and energy in networking and celebrate success.

    What is an AGM?

    And why is it  important?

    At an AGM, the board will present their annual report and other key information for your members, funders, or supporters. The AGM gives stakeholders an opportunity to ask questions, understand the strategy and direction of your organisation, and raise any concerns.

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    14 June - Board nominations open

    14 June - Member motions open

    24 June - Member motions close

    28 June - Board nominations close

    11 July - Formal notice of AGM shared

    14 July - Notice of Member and Board motions 

    14 July - Annual Report, financial statements and other information available to members

    14 July - advanced voting for members not attending opens

    4 August - advanced voting for members closes

    5 August - 50th Annual General Meeting

    Please note the date has changed to 5 August for the 50th AGM

    Board Nominations

    Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek

    2023-24 Board Nominations

    Thank you to the incredible members that have put forward their nominations for the 2023-24 Board of AdmiNZ

    We asked for people who are 

    • passionate about our profession
    • eager to participate
    • prepared for any event
    • excited about committees
    • able to express your ideas
    • curious to learn more
    • creative and innovative
    • a great communicator

    and have a desire for stewardship and service. And each of our nominees exhibit these attributes.

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    Board member

     2023-24 Board Nominations 

    Benefits for you of joining the Board

    • think more strategically
    • develop leadership skills
    • enjoy opportunities for professional development
    • make important connections
    • improve financial management
    • benefit from diversity
    • identify your strengths
    • positive public relations
    • get comfortable with fundraising
    • intrinsic rewards

    Growth Force - top 10 benefits of
    serving on a not-for-profit board

    For more information about 
    Not-for-profit boards
    check out the
    Institute of Directors
    Not-for-profit Governance Hub

         2023-24 Board Nominations 

        Our national conference is the only event in the country designed by administrative professionals for administrative professionals. We know that it takes hard work and continuous learning to excel in our roles and that's why our conference is THE event for everyone in our profession.

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