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AIOP Webinar: Little Hinges Swinging Big Doors: Five ways Office Professionals can embrace this metaphor

  • 16 Jun 2021
  • 2:00 PM

Little Hinges Swinging Big Doors:
Five ways Office Professionals can embrace this metaphor

About the Speaker - Liz Van Vliet


Liz Van Vliet is the founder and trainer behind My EA Career.  Many of the EAs and administrative assistants Liz has worked with, and the clients she helps today, have excellent hard skills.  They’re good at their jobs, and they’re efficient at providing all levels of administrative support.  But these same EAs lack the interpersonal skills that can take them from being ‘good’ to being ‘great’.  They’re what she calls ‘POWER Skills’, and without them, you can lack the confidence you need to perform at a high level.  You can feel stuck, unappreciated, and at a risk of replacement.  If this sounds like you, you are not alone.   

Liz has developed her Knowing Assistant Framework to help EAs learn these POWER Skills.  You’ll gain the confidence you need to better support your boss and achieve your career goals.

Liz joined the AIOP Board In October 2020 and is Director, Promotions, bringing a wealth of knowledge to this portfolio and leading a small team.

Presentation Abstract  

As an Office Professional you are supporting and enabling your manager, your team and your organisation to achieve outcomes and objectives. But your contribution is frequently overlooked and undervalued. In this session Liz will help you connect with the idea that you are like the hinges of a massive door. Without you, that door could not swing.   You will get clear on what skills, values and behaviours are allowing you to act as the little hinge that swings big doors and where there is opportunity for you to focus attention to strengthen yourself, so that you can deliver in your role and be valued for the leverage you provide.

You will come away from this Webinar understanding:

  1. The origin of the expression and why it is so applicable to the Office Professional
  2. The four pillars that underpin your ability to be a little hinge that swings big doors
  3. How you are able to identify the small things, small ideas, and small actions that you are already doing that lead to bigger things happening
  4. The qualities that you as a small hinge need to swing those big doors
  5. How to apply oil to your own hinges. 

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Date: Wednesday 16 June 2021

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